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How Do You Choose The Best Xterra Treadmill

How Do You Choose The Best Xterra Treadmill

Xterra Treadmill

You may want not only to lose weight but also to stay in shape, healthy, and strong. Different individuals around the world choose various means to exercise. Some love going to the gym to do workouts, but others prefer doing exercises at home. If you want to avoid the crowded gym, you can come with a treadmill to your home.

A treadmill is a useful machine that helps you compensate for cardiovascular activity. You can use it for losing weight, increasing stamina, and making muscles stronger. You can also stay healthy and catch minimum diseases if you continue to run on the treadmill regularly at your homes.

While the good ones come over 1000 dollars, choosing the best treadmill under 500 dollars is a little bit daunting task. You may take into account different brands and models available in today’s market. That’s why we’re now going to share a review of one of the best treadmills that solve your budget issue and provide you with a good quality treadmill.

The Fitness TR150 Treadmill from XTERRA is one of the best treadmills, which is specially designed for the home environment with great quality and performance. This treadmill comes with many thoughtful features, including quality construction and some core components. Besides, this treadmill has some other essential features that you should consider when purchasing the right treadmill for you.

Quality Construction

This treadmill is the construction of a heavy gauge steel frame with a weight limit of up to 250 pounds. It has a smooth and quiet high torque 2.25HP motor that allows you to use it for years without feeling any hassle. Besides, this fitness machine is foldable, and you can store it anywhere you want when not in use.

Core Components

This excellent treadmill comes with some core components, including deck cushioning technology, manual incline settings, and broader running surface.  The deck cushioning provides multiple points so that it can give you maximum impact absorption. Besides, this treadmill delivers three manual incline settings to ensure a variety of options. The large, running surface also offers enough room for users of all fitness levels and sizes.

Different Workout Programs

When it comes to choosing various workouts, this treadmill comes with 12 preset programs that offer unmatched variety for your workouts. For that reason, it includes some direct access speed buttons that have quick access to speed from 1 mph to 9 mph. Keep in mind that this excellent piece of fitness equipment can meet your demands.

LCD Console and Hand Pulse Grips

The 5-inch LCD console tracks your workout speed, spent time, running distance, and burned calories. It also has the hand pulse grips sensors that help you achieve your fitness goals. When you put your hands on the handlebars, it automatically starts counting your heart rate and shows the results on display.


  • Features speed range 0.5 to 10 mph
  • Comes with 12 preset programs
  • Allows for a maximum variety
  • Includes hand pulse grips sensors
  • Provides a large running space


  • It might create a little bit of noise


In a nutshell, this treadmill is the right for walking and running with a 2.25 HP motor, offering a speed range of 1 to 9 mph. It also has some holders to keep accessories, including your water bottle, remote control, portable music player, smartphone, and many more. So, if you are looking for a high-quality treadmill within a limited budget, this one could be a suitable option for you.