Kill All Lice On Your Scalp By Using Tea Tree Oil

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "tea tree oil"Lice, small wingless insects, are very irritating, when they grow on your scalp. While you delay to treat them, the number of lice may increase. However, treating your scalp to remove lice is the toughest thing that you may face, if you have such problem. You will feel tickling continuously, while there are lice on your head. You perhaps comb your hair properly to remove those lice. But, simple combing may not lead to any good result. So, you have to search for other alternatives. In that case, tea tree oil can be the effective option for you.

Though TTO is usually found to be more secure than some other available treatment methods for lice, some precaution needs to be considered, while applying it. There are few users, who are sensitive to this natural oil. While you have felt some irritation, you have to stop using it instantly.

How you should apply TTO for removing lice

Buy 100% tea tree oil that is sold in many stores. This oil works for you with its antimicrobial features. To reduce lice problem or to cure the issue completely, you have to apply this oil. Blend of TTOtogether with other some oils, such as, lavender may kill all the eggs of lice.


Use a comb to brush your hair

Choose lice comb, in which, there is a very limited space among the teeth. It will enable you in analyzing the hair of your scalp.

Create a mixture using TTO and shampoo

As completely pure oil of tea tree may lead to irritation in the skin, it may be blended with some shampoo prior to using it. However, to get effective outcome, you can add coconut oil and lavender oil to this combination. These oils may suffocate the lice, present in your scalp. So, make the solution little sticky.


Apply the paste to your scalp-

The paste should be in contact with the scalp so that the eggs and lice may be killed very easily. While you have used it, it is better to cover the hair, using a cap. Then, allow this paste to work thoroughly on your scalp. Wait for twenty to thirty minutes. While you feel any itchiness, you have to cleanse your head.

Tea tree oil can be availed as shampoo, which is much effective to remove lice. This type of shampoo has about three percent of TTO that is able to stimulate scalp. It is also quite effective for those individuals, who have problems of dry scalp. Thus, with one product, you may use not only lice but also dandruff. In addition to it, TTO is eco-friendly product because they do not have any coloring. A research has confirmed that this oil may lice, no matter whether they are in adult life stage. So, combat your lice problem very easily with oil of tea tree.

There are many experts, who may recommend you to use TTO for curing lice problem on scalp.